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60048 ANCONA (SERRA SAN QUIRICO ) - madonna delle stelle 1
via madonna delle stelle 1
Tel. +39 073186737 - Fax +39 0731867 - Cell +393388547344
Respnsible: LA TANA DEL LELE

agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE
agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE agriturismo LA TANA DEL LELE

the farm

 ! The farm La Tana del Lele  is open only to guests as well as the internal pool, and there are never more than 10-12 people and you can enjoy all the tranquility of this place!La Tana del Lele Farm began as true, not as a restaurant or hotel ... Luxury in the country ... which today is so fashionable! 
For us to do really is to share farm with guests on "living in the country in touch with nature" by sharing with them ... the flavors true that the earth offers us. 
We believe that our farm is a true and simple, because we have a company behind a small organic farm, but mostly because it's made of people who truly love the simplicity and nature and where human contact is the only thing to which is given importance ... not the outward appearance, but what is inside! ... it is essential that we stay together, according to rules, labels ... you can come to breakfast with pajamas ... you'll never considered ... strange because they are already Tana and Lele! 
The kitchen, reserved only for guests, Tana deals, making use of organic products of the company. And we eat together; 
Farm, is instead particularly Lele, who looks after his garden with lots of love, removing the snails one by one ... because it is a "pure organic" that among other things, whether it is in vein, and is not tired enough ...... and if you want to listen, we "delight" with its "famous" stories in dialetto.Ma important thing is wanting to share all along, opinions, ideas, and philosophies of life ... without requiring nussuno listen .... but everyone is free to do what he wants, why not organize ... "courses" or "effects Special "but only the nature and tranquility!




(if you really like them) TrekkingByke
Search and recognition of officinal herbsSwimming poolLittle children amusement parkTable-tennisVolleyOtherwise, if you prefer...      Courses on appropriate use of hammocks, given by experts 
       Walking ... but calmly 
       Large eat in the evening, chatting and fun in front of an o. .. .. more glasses of wine! 


only for the guest that stay in agriturismo
It isn't the restorant


The farm is open only to guests staying and all services (restaurants, swimming pool, etc. ..) are only available to guests inside. So there are, at most, 10-12 people!We have :3 double rooms with bath with 3-4 bed addedN 1 small apartment with bathroom, double bedroom and sofa bed in the kitchenffers 

     * From October to March at least 2 days:: 
     * Double room 45 per day: heat included! 
           Treatment or double room: bed-B & B and (halfboard  (n the holidays and summer) 
           April-May or in B & B: 25/30 for person 
           June B & B 33/35 per person 
           July-August or B & B 35/40 for person 
            For families of 3-4 people stay at least 15 days .-  the second week  the child do not pay
     * Processing of  halfboard only on request of the guests ... with organic cuisine and a choice 
     * Ability to eat in restaurants near agreement to 15-20 for person 
offers for the little appartment:  by otobbre in May(excluding holidays! )
     * the little appartment have: a double bedroom. bathroom and kitchen with double sofa bed in  in  low season starting at 60 per day including electricity, gas and water heating: 
       For those who book a week from January 1 to May 300 total 
To know them, phone to +39 0731 86737 - 338 8547344
or write to


Jesi-Fabriano-Grotte di Frasassi( 10 minutes) Gubbio-Assisi-Perugia-recanati-loreto-Coast  Conero-Ancona( 1 hour) Urbino-Camerino-Monastery FonteAvellana-beach Senigallia

where we are

via madonna delle stelle 1
60048 Serra san Quirico Ancona MArche Italy